Formal Holiday Fashion and Where to Look For It

Holiday shopping can be as thrilling as the vacation itself, provided you have the confidence that you are looking in all the right places for all the right things.

Sometimes, though, the reality is that you do not know what to buy, how to accessorise your purchases for the climate you are going to, and how to look the part, especially in a formal atmosphere such as on board cruise ships or at ultra expensive hotels.

Much of the time you will probably spend your holiday in casual wear, enjoying the sunshine (or the snow, as the case may be) and having a wonderful, relaxing break. It is so much easier to enjoy yourself, however, if your wardrobe is ready to go and appropriate to whatever you want to do.

For cruise wear, the stress may be removed instantaneously by consulting one of those great dress services that are springing up all over the world. You hire however many outfits you want for the formal occasions you are required to attend, take their advice about the accessories that match and then pick them up, all professionally packed just before your departure date. You return them when you get back, and collect your deposit when the items have been cleaned. Yippee, what could be simpler?

The problems begin when you skip all that and try to shop for formal gowns yourself. Always supposing you find a gown to fit, in a colour you love and that flatters your figure, you then go through hell trying to find shoes and handbags to match, for each and every dress you are taking with you.

Despair sets in quickly and your excitement at going on the holiday of your dreams fades away, to be replaced by disillusionment and ‘I wish I had never started this.’ Far better to consult an expert on matters of style and colour and leave the problems behind you. They also source formal wear for men as well as ladies.

The problem of cost is always something to consider. Even the wealthiest client begrudges spending huge amounts on an item which may only be worn once and then assigned to moth balls. Spend the money on souvenirs, and trust the professionals to provide your cruise wear next time.