LA-08-Simplified logic analyser

LA-08 Logic Analyzer

  • Logic Analyzer, 8 channels with fastest sampling rates of 96msps@2ch, 60msps@4ch, and 30msps@8ch
  • Protocol analyzer that decodes I2CSPIUART1-WireDCC and CAN Bus
  • I2C Master (host) that writes to and reads from i2c slave(s).
  • 1-Wire Master (host) with automatic SEARCH command. 
  • GPIO+PWM that uses LA-08’s 8 pins as GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins; each of the pins can be used to generate 16-step PWM waveform. 
LA-08 is an 8-channel logic analyzer with I2C, SPI, and UART protocol analyzers. The LA-08 software has simple and easy-to-use user interface. LA-08 has the fastest sample rate and an unique I2C Master and GPIO+PWM functions among similar products, making it the best tool that saves you a significant amount of developing and debugging time. 

Viewing and Manipulating the Waveform

  1. Place cursor. Click on the waveform display to place the current cursor.
  2. Glue  to  an  edge.  When  placing  a  cursor  it’s  placed  at  a  nearby  rising  or  falling  edge  (if  one
  3. Toggle between two cursors. Click the mouse’s middle button (the wheel) or click on the cursor
    position display.
  4. Zoom in. Dragging the mouse to highlight the portion of the waveform you’d like to zoom into.
    You can also use hot key: shift-Z.
  5. Zoom out. Right click the mouse, or press Z.
  6. Pan. Scroll the mouse wheel, or press shift and then drag the mouse.
  7. Pulse  width  display.  Move  the  mouse  pointer  over  inside  a  pulse  then  the  pulse  width  (time
    duration) will be shown.